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Art is a passion, a means of personal transformation and a creative outlet for my desires, dreams and imagination.  Natural beauty kindles my connection to spirit and I express it through color and the play of light, the fluid mystery of creation.  I've actually been an artist since childhood.  Those first crayons the magic of my being, committing me to a lifetime of wonder.  Having accomplished myself in the world of commercial art, graphics and advertising, my medium of preference now is watercolor.  I  started in the early '90s to add color to my work after having spent my business years creating black and white designs for logos, advertising, price lists, catalogs, books and magazines, sales items and collateral pre-press materials for my clients.


Living in the hills of Mendocino County in a solar powered home surrounded with lush organic gardens of vegetables and fruits, I live a life in harmony with my surroundings.  My intention is to connect earth (paper), air (inspiration), fire (passion), and water (the medium of watercolor) into an interpersonal act of will, which hopefully evokes an emotional response within the people viewing my work.  If I can effect change, I will have accomplished my goal.


A graduate of Kutztown University, Pennsylvania, with a BS degree in Biology, minor in Fine Art.  I'm mainly self-taught.  My work has been featured in numerous publications, and can be found in many private collections and corporate product lines.  I'm a current member of Willits Center for the Arts, Ukiah Valley Artist's Coop, Mendocino County Art Association, Watercolor Artists of Sonoma County (WASCO), The Sun House Guild, recently published in Ree Slocum's Inland Artists of Mendocino County Volume II, and past member of Made in Mendocino Gallery.

Currently represented by Corner Gallery Ukiah and Art Center Ukiah.  Please visit                                        for upcoming shows and more information for support of local artists.

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